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Edifax Support

Setting up an Outlook Express Account

Start Outlook Express

  • Click on the [Start] button
  • Click on [All Programs]
  • Click on [Outlook Express]



If this the first time you have run Outlook Express on this computer....

If asked whether you'd like to open this particular account automatically every time you start Outlook Express, click Yes (if you do) or No (if you don't).

If you don't want to be asked this question again, click to check the Always perform this check... box.

Check When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox.

Outlook Express directs all incoming mail to the Inbox, so it makes sense to bypass this opening page.

If you don't see the list of folders and contacts on the left, click Layout on the View menu. Click Contacts and Folder List to check them, and then click OK.


Set Up an Outlook Express EMail Account


  • Click on the [Tools] menu
  • Click on [Accounts]
  • Click on [Add]
  • Click on [Mail]


  • On the Your Name page of the wizard, type your name as you want it to appear to everyone who gets e-mail from you, and then click Next.
  • On the Internet Explorer Address page, type your e-mail address, and then click Next.
  • On the E-mail Server Names page, enter mail.edifax.com for the incoming server and mail.edifax.com for the outgoing server and then click Next.


  • On the Internet Mail Logon page, type your Edifax username password.  

  • Note: If you're concerned about unauthorized access to your e-mail, click to clear the check in the Remember Password box. You'll then be prompted for the password each time you send or retrieve mail.
  • Click [Next]
  • Click [Finish]


Enable SMTP Authentication
Note: Checking this box is required only for those accessing an Edifax mailbox while NOT using an Edifax dialup account.

  • In the Internet Accounts window click on the [Properties] menu
  • Click the [Servers] tab at the top
  • Check the box [My server requires authentication]
  • Click [OK] to save and close the account properties window

  • Click [Close] to close the Internet Accounts window




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