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Edifax Support

WinXP Manual Dial-up Connection Setup

  • Click on the [Start] button
  • Click on [All Programs]
  • Click on [Accessories]
  • Click on [Communications]
  • Choose [New Connection Wizard] from the menu



If you have never specified a dial-up connection in Windows XP before, you will now see a window labeled "Location Information" like the one below. If you do not see this window, skip to Step 2.


  • Specify the values appropriate to your location in the blanks for "country/region" and "area code"
  • Click [OK] to continue.
  • At the next window, labeled "Phone and Modem Options", click [OK] to continue.

Using the New Connection Wizard


  • The New Connection Wizard will now appear.

  • Click "Next".

  • Choose "Connect to the Internet", then click "Next".

  • Choose "Set up my connection manually", then click "Next".

  • Choose "Connect using a dial up modem", then click "Next".

  • Type "Edifax" for the connection name, then click "Next".

  Remember to verify with your local phone Operator that the number you'll be calling is local, not toll.

  • Enter the phone number you've chosen to connect with, then click "Next".

  • Select the appropriate use for this connection, then click "Next".

  • Click once in the User name field and type your  username.  (The first part of your email address with us.)
  • Click once in the Password field and type your  password. Click in the Confirm password field and type it again.
  • If the computer you are setting up is used by people other than yourself who should not have access to your account, remove the check from the box labeled "Use this account..."
  • Click [Next] to continue, then click on [Finish].




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