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Edifax Support

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Edifax offers the highest level of live technical support to its customers. Except in unusual circumstances, we provide live answering during standard business hours (Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm U.S. east coast time) and usually until 9pm most evenings, and on weekends. If you do have to leave a voice message, we will get back to you as soon as possible... often within minutes! We strive to maintain this level of technical support so that you don't have to deal with frustrating phone menus in at least one of your business dealings! Our policy is to make your experience as friendly and as easy as it can be.

Described below are the basics of some of the services we provide. Refer to these as required, and if you need help, we can walk you through the process over the phone, if necessary.

Our Tech Support Numbers
Talk to a Human! 9am - 9pm Eastern Time
Hampton Roads local area: 757-484-1400
Dialup and Email Account Setup

When you get a dialup account with Edifax, there are two easy steps to get going. First, you will setup a new dialup connection. Second, you will setup your email address in your mail reader program. The details of these two steps will vary depending on your computer's operating system (Window XP, for example), and in the case of your email setup, the email reader you use (Outlook Express, for example). Most computers have so called 'Wizards' built into them which are designed to guide you through the two processes in a step by step manner.

Step 1. Setting up your dialup account

On your particular computer, run the process you need to follow to manually create a new internet connection. In your computer's menus, look for something like 'make a new internet connection'. Entering this phrase into your computer's HELP function might help you find it. You will be guided through a series of steps where you'll be asked to enter information about the new dialup connection you are establishing. This information will consist of the name of your internet provider, your username, your password, and a phone number. You will have received this information from us when we set up your account.

  1. Your internet provider's name is just a label to identify the icon you will click to have your modem dial. Enter Edifax here.

  2. Your username which you chose when joining.

  3. Your password.

  4. The phone number your modem is to dial. Enter 321 6542. No area code and no other punctuation are required.

Specific step-by-step Windows XP dialup account setup

Specific step-by-step Mac OS 10.3 and 10.4 dialup account setup

Step 2. Setting up your email account

Once you are able to connect to the internet via your dialup account with Edifax, you will want to be able to send and receive email.

One way to do this is to visit the Edifax website at www.edifax.com and choose the Web Email option from the main menu. You will then enter your username and password to access your email online using the Squirrelmail program on our web server. This allows you to manage your email account online with a minimum of bother by using your web browser (Internet Explorer, for example) instead of an email management program such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

The other way to manage your email account is by using an email management program such as Outlook Express on your own computer to download and read/reply/send email. This method has the advantage of increasing your flexibility in managing your email in various ways. When using this method, you will have to Add a New Account for your Edifax email address in the email program. The information you will need to enter while adding a new email account will be your email address, your username, your password, and the names of the Edifax mail servers.

  1. Your email address will usually be in the form of username@edifax.com.

  2. Your username which you chose when joining.

  3. Your password.

  4. Incoming POP3 mail server - mail.edifax.com

  5. Outgoing SMTP mail server - mail.edifax.com

Specific step-by-step Windows Outlook Express email account setup

Specific step-by-step Mac email account setup

Hosting Accounts

Edifax offers high quality website hosting which features the highly functional Parallels Pro Control Panel. We offer the same high quality technical support for our hosting customers as we do for our dialup customers. A couple of notes are in order here.

When logging in to upload files to your website, enter your username in the form username@myurl (for example, myusername@mybusiness.com).

When setting up an email account in your email program for an address based on your URL, use the following as a guide:

  1. Your email address, e.g. info@mybusiness.com

  2. Your username in the form: myusername@mybusiness.com

  3. Your password.

  4. Incoming POP3 mail server - e.g. mail.mybusiness.com

  5. Outgoing SMTP mail server - e.g. mail.mybusiness.com

You can use the step-by-step email account setup links shown above for dialup accounts as a guide in setting up your website email addresses while noting the differences in the username (adding @your-url.com to the username) and the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Contacting Edifax

Below is our mailing and billing address as well as the support email address. Emails sent to this address are entered in our special support email queue which guarantees that your email will be answered quickly.

Our Mailing Address: Edifax Internet Services
1072 Horseshoe Rd.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
Support Email Address:   EDIFAX Support  

Hampton Roads, VA Local Telephone: 757-484-1400


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