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EDIFAX Services

EDIFAX offers the following services to take care of all your internet needs. If you require any of these services, check out the details on our site and give us a call.

Local Dialup Accounts

Unlimited 56K v92 local dialup accounts in Hampton Roads are only $9.95 per month!

If you are like many people who are not 'power users', but use the internet mainly for email and occasionally browsing the WWW for both the fun of it, and the valuable information it provides, there is no real need to spend extra cash for a broadband DSL or cable modem connection. The modem that came in your computer will serve you just fine. Also, there is no reason to spend over $20 a month for AOL and similar services.

EDIFAX provides reliable, busy-signal-free service for a fraction of the price. And very importantly for many, we provide local technical support by real people who can walk you through setup. You will be up and running in no time!

If you are on the go and want the convenience of dialing in from anywhere in the U.S., our Nationwide Dialup Account is for you. Check it out!

Click Here to signup online, or call us at 757-484-1400 to get online immediately.

Website Development

Edifax, in affiliation with QualityNow.Com, can provide your company or organization with full website development services.

QualityNow.Com provides easily affordable solutions to getting your business or organization online. We specialize in custom programming and database driven websites which provide maximum flexibility in presenting and managing your website online. You can control your site's content using the Online Maintenance Program developed specifically for your needs.

Whether you need a complex database driven application or a simple informational site, we provide the solution.

Check the QualityNow.Com gallery for examples of sites we have developed and call us today at 757-538-3302 to inquire about us doing your site.

Domain Registration

The first step in having a website is to get a domain name on the Internet. EDIFAX offers easy and inexpensive registration for your domain.

Click Here for details.

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