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Frequently Asked Questions

How complex of a web site can we make?
The only limit we place on the size of your site is the total disk space, which is limited to 100 megabytes. Keep in mind that this is usually more than enough room for all but the most complex web sites. In fact, most web sites use one tenth of their allowed space. If you find you need it, additional space is available for only 25 cents per megabyte per month.
Is there a minimum time commitment?
You are only committed for the remainder of the month you sign up. Even if you sign up and pay for an entire year, you can cancel at any time and we'll refund the unused portion of your fees (after adjusting for pre-payment discounts you no longer qualify for).
Do you charge more for a large number of "hits"?
The number of "hits" or files requested by browsers is not restricted. However, the total volume of information is limited to 1 gigabyte per month. This is usually more than enough, unless you're putting huge images on your pages. And if you are, you probably won't get many visitors, anyway. Web surfers are a notoriously impatient group and don't like waiting on large graphics. But if your site becomes hugely popular, you can purchase additional "bandwidth" at only $12 per additional gigabyte per month. Please note that less than 1% of our clients need to do this.
What happens if my site goes over its transfer limit? Is my site shut down?
No, your site will not be shut down just because you go over the limit. If you just barely go over at the end of the month, we're not going to do anything. We don't believe in being petty over minor things like that. However, if we see that you've used up most or all of your allowance and a significant amount of the month remains, we'll contact you and we'll work out the purchase of more bandwidth. However, we will not shut down your site before you've had a chance to upgrade.
How do we get our pages onto your servers?
There are many web site editors like Microsoft's FrontPage and Netscape's Navigator Gold that let you edit your site just like a word processor, then "upload" the site to our server very easily. You can create and test your files on your PC and transfer them into our servers when they're finished.   Your site also supports   FrontPage server extensions which allow you to directly manipulate your files on the server and collaborate with others  (when you provide them your login/password) on the development and maintenance of your site.
We want to change our site frequently, for weekly specials and things like that. How often may we change our site?
We place no restrictions on how often you change your site. You can change it every hour, if you like.
We want to arrange our HTML documents in a certain way, with multiple subdirectories, special data files,  etc. How much control do we have in this?
You get your own home directory where you can do all of these things. You can FTP to
your site or use the Frontpage Explorer to directly manipulate files and directories.
Can we use cgi scripts? What languages can we use? Where do the scripts go?
Yes, you can use cgi scripts. You put them anywhere in your home directory or any subdirectories of it that you create. They can be written as shell scripts or Perl and should be named with the .cgi extension..  Contact support for C programs that require compilation.  System cgi scripts for handling form and displaying counters and dates are available.
Can we take orders for merchandise?
Yes. It can be as simple as having the customer directly email you with the order or it can be as complex as a point-and-click catalog. It's up to you. We provide a cgi program that lets you easily set up an online form that emails or faxes your customer's order to you. And our  secure server gives your customers that extra peace of mind.
How do we pay for services?
You can use Visa, Mastercard,  money orders, or checks. If you use a check or money, we require you to pay for three full months at a time in advance. If we have a credit card number on file, we will charge your card month-by-month.
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